Holiday Split 5000L's Photo Contest!

Win free lindens in our London Holiday Split 5000L's Photo Contest! Please read the rules and terms below, before you enter:


Prize:  Split 5000L (1st place wins 2500L, 2nd place wins 1750L, 3rd place wins 750L.

Dates:  Entry dates are 12/1-12/10/11.  Voting opens on 12/11/11 and winners will be chosen on Christmas Day 12/25/11.

Contact Person:  jessii2009 Warrhol, Manager & Entertainment Leader of the London Sims

Rules and Terms:

1.     This event is open to Second Life residents only
2.    To entry and voting fee is 5 lindens, this is to stop bots from automatically voting or cheating
3.    During the voting stage, each resident will be allowed only 3 votes per day
4.    You are allowed only one entry, anyone suspected of using alts or bots to have multiple entries, will automatically have their entry disqualified
5.    Photos should be of Christmas/Holiday scenes, costumes, or anything that is Christmas/Holiday related
6.    All photos should be moderate/mature in nature and follow the Second Life Community Standards, Terms of Service, and the London Sims Covenant. Any violators will have their entry disqualified
7.    The London Sims is not responsible for any performance issues with the contest entry boards or the contest system, which may affect entries or voting throughout the contest
8.    All photos should be your own original work and be based in Second Life.  Any outside or professional photos, will not be allowed and you will be disqualified
9.    The contest board automatically pays the winners; we are not responsible if there are transaction issues with your account, if you are one of the winners.  Winnings will not be repaid in the event that you are having issues with transactions
10.    No one is allowed to vote camp, pay someone to vote for them, or harass any guests or residents in the four London sims for votes, anyone caught doing this will automatically be disqualified

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