Remembrance and Veterans Day Weekend Recap!

This past weekend, London had a variety of events to honor Remembrance and Veterans Day!  Events officially kicked off on Thursday, November 10, 2011 with DJ Croft from Retrograde, laying a wreath at our Tower Hill War Memorial Replica.  You can read more about this story at the link below:

Events picked up pace on Friday, with all London Gossip group members being given a free poppy to wear and Mayhem Rock Club, featuring DJ Crysis and Host Amy in Hyde Park.  DJ Crysis packed Hyde Park with over 80 avis during a 2 hour rock filled set!  Below are photos of this event:

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The party continued on Saturday, with a 4 hour party from Retrograde with DJ Croft and Host Donna on hand to keep the crowd going for the jam packed event!  Guests were dancing on a special created platform over the Serpentine in Hyde Park! London guests and residents danced to a variety of tunes, as DJ Croft took everyone on an awesome musical journey! Below are photos from this awesome event:

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The weekend of partying continued on Sunday with a FREE Sex Pistols Tribute Band Concert!  Mayhem Rock Club's DJ Anakin and Host Angy kicked off events with a special 90 minute pre show filled with rock music!  Later the Sex Pistols Tribute Band hit the stage and kept everyone dancing well into the afternoon! You can check out photos below:

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One of the things that echoed on everyone's mind throughout the weekend, is that having the freedom to be in Second Life and mix with a variety of people or even having free internet access to access anything online, would not be possible without the sacrifices service members and their families have made throughout history.  To all servicemen and servicewomen, past and present, we salute you! 

Special thanks to Amy, Croft, Rob, and Debs for taking photos throughout the weekend! 
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