Merchant Spotlight: The Penalty Spot Part 3

For our last segment on The Penalty Spot, a SL business owned by Vox Mullen, we asked him his thoughts on our sims and why he chose to open his new expanded shop in Knightsbridge:

1.  How did you first discover the London sims?
During a basic search for major global cities while bored one day...  ended up spending a few hours walking around London jsut saying 'wow' over and over.

2. What are some things about London that are unique to you?
To me its the sheer size of it.  It has the feel and scale of an actual city, as opposed to some places where they try to jam all the landmarks onto a 1/4 sim.  Search 'Las Vegas' for a good example.

3.  Have you discovered any hidden areas in London or good places to hide? 
I have a couple good hiding places, but i'm not telling.

4.  Your business is located in our Knightsbridge Sim, what interested you about Knightsbridge to set up your business there?
I was on the Mayfair sim, and needed a larger space to expand...  that's pretty much it.

5.  We are often told that London is very realistic in SL to RL London, would you agree or disagree? 
I've never had the chance to visit RL London, but it's on the bucket list... hope to do it AFTER the Olympics though. 

 You can shop at the Penalty Spot's new and expanded store in Knightsbridge:
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