Merchant Spotlight: The Penalty Spot Part 1

Today we start a three part series on The Penalty Spot, which is owned in Second Life by Vox Mullen.  Vox agreed to answer some questions about the Penalty Spot, about the London Sims, and of course on Second Life!  Part one of our series focuses on The Penalty Spot:

1.  What inspired you to start the Penalty Spot?
"It started as a small pub for some friends to meet at and talk football, especially on weekends.. after a bit, i started making shirts for my friends.  Next thing i know,  i'm opening a full store... and loving it!"

2.  Tell us about the Penalty Spot, what were your aims and goals in Second Life for the business? 
"I noticed that if you wanted to wear an item of your favorite football team, you were really limited to pretty much just a jersey.  So I started making casual, everyday wear items for Premier League teams... shirts and scarves, and they proved popular.  Makes me think I was on the right track."

3.  How long have you had the Penalty Spot in Second Life?
"The pub version of The Penalty Spot opened in 2009...  the first store was in Summer 2011, so we're relatively new.

4.  We are excited to have you in London!  What about London made you set up your main store here?
"I've been a long time fan of the London sims..  it's a great community, with wonderful people.   I'm glad i've become an accepted part of it.  Who knows, maybe I'll run for the MP spot in 2015?    *laughs*  But being a football store, where else could you be except London?  It's a natural fit."

5.  What are future plans for the Penalty Spot?  Are you eying franchises or affiliates?
"I've never been a fan of franchises or even multiple locations...  I figure the nature of SL has everything just a click away, unlike RL where say your favorite restaurant may be a 20 minute trip across town.  So dont expect new locations.   Just look for us in London.

You can shop at the Penalty Spot's new and expanded store in Knightsbridge:

Check out photos of the new and expanded Penalty Spot location in Knightsbridge:

Check out the blog tomorrow and read part 2 of our interview with Vox!
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