Happy Birthday DJ Prettybones!!

Tuesday was a special day, as DJ Prettybones had a birthday party to celebrate her RL birthday!  Retrograde Manager and DJ Croft provided the following report and entry on the special events of that day:

11th October in RetroGrade we had 2 events:

The first event was BEST IN ARMY and the prize quickly rose to L$2089. This first part of the evening was a short (by RetroGrade Standards) 2 hrs long

Then we started the 2nd event to celebrate Prettybones RL birthday.
The board was re-opened as BEST IN WHATEVER and the prize quickly rose to L$2000 and at 2pm SLT we introduced our Special Guest DJ  who turned out to be DJ Smiffy making his RetroGrade and indeed London debut

 The place filled up quickly. The chat was random and surreal for most of the night. The contest board was filling up. And by the end of the evening, Prettybones was one year older


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