Wings Over London Recap!

Yesterday was the last day of the Wings Over London Airshow in Hyde Park.  Throughout the week, guests were treated to free flights by the Flying and Golden Tigers!  Guests could also learn about the Second Life Air Squadron and were treated to music and events by Club Capital.

Below is  more information about the Flying Tigers (kindly provided by Josh Noonan):

The group was founded in 2008 by Guarocuya Giano who was inspired by friends and air combat buddies, Matrix "Trix" Amiot (a fellow veteran - GW1) and Bradyn "Halcyon" Halcali, a genuine aviation enthusiast. As a veteran who served 3 yrs active duty in the US Army (Air Cav),  then US Air Guard and later as a government contractor for the Navy and Marines, Giano realized that the bonds of loyalty which are present in RL across all services also

develop in SL.  The “Band of Brothers” phenomenon
seems to exist in all places where duty, honor, dedication and collective agenda are present in the face of adversity or in the quest for a common goal. We feel it, we live it and we embrace it.  This is the essence of our group.  It is why many of us work hard to make this group soar.

Some have seen in combat in faraway lands, some are in turmoil right here at home; SL and the FT exists for the purpose of community where your participation is unaffected by age*, mental or physical limitations; you don’t need legs or youth or wealth or power to have a good time and feel good about yourself.  Everyone who is thirsty for fun, camaraderie and purpose is welcome to drink with us. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and have many talents in both RL & SL.  We have students, veterans, doctors, lawyers, pilots, mechs, business people, computer experts and many others.  What binds us together is the love, dedication and respect we have for each other and for aviation. The group, which is named after the RL AVG, has members from all over the world, including; China, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Croatia, Russia, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Hawaii and all over the US of A .

The Flying Tigers Mission statement:
We are here to honor and support veterans from all eras; to excel in sl aircraft piloting skills; to excel in aerial combat; to provide free training to SL Aviation newcomers; to have fun; to promote goodwill, cooperation and harmony within the SL aviation community; to work with other groups to make aviation the number one fun activity in SL

The Flying Tigers conduct aerial combat using aircraft equipped with no health damage, no push systems such as VICE or TCS.  Our members are some of the most obsessive collectors in SL.  We enjoy collecting new “toys” in both civilian and military applications. We do not limit ourselves to fighters or WW2 era.  However, we do enjoy collecting those aircraft which display realistic flight characteristics in terms of linear trajectory and speed capabilities.  Some of us also enjoy the popular bee-buzzing-zig-zagging-UFO-flight-like vehicles which are advantageous and easier for beginners. Like they say - different strokes for different folks; it’s all a matter of personal preference.

We enjoy flying wherever we are welcome.  Our Squadron patrols many regions, both continental and private islands.  Our home alliance includes 2 Full Prim + 1 homestead, low lag Regions for optimum performance; Group Headquarters at WW2 TRIBUTE - Kunming Air base:

WW2 Tribute Slurl

You can also find more information about this awesome group in Second Life, by visiting their official websites:
Flying Tigers Website
Golden Tigers Website

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