Who Are the Flying Tigers?

To commerate 9/11, London will kick off a special air show and exhibition, featuring flight stunts and aircraft by the Flying Tigers of Second Life.  I have had many London guests and residents ask, who exactly are the Flying Tigers?  The article below should help to answer this question:

Who Are the Flying Tigers?

This is a general aviation group with casual WW2 RP (more like the TV show M*A*S*H). 
Inspired by the efforts of the original 1st AVG Fei Hu 飛虎 (Flying Tigers). We fly in honor of all veterans and are dedicated to pursuing camaraderie, goodwill, cooperation and harmony within the second life aviation community. The group is open to anyone to join;  those who wish to RP as active duty combat fighter pilot may complete an enlistment form and submit it to Deirdre Faulds. We view SL ww2 RP aviation as constant memorial and tribute to the era because it symbolizes humanity’s triumph over evil.  Whether we're flying combat missions or flying non-combat grid flights, we aim to have FUN! 

There are three levels of membership; General membership as "Flying Tigers Aviator" is open to the public and has no requirement other than to observe Linden TOS and refrain from inappropriate conduct while wearing the group tag; The second level of membership is in the Cadet program which is by enlistment application before being accepted as a "Flying Tigers Cadet"; the third level of membership is being commissioned as a Flying Tigers officer upon graduation from the Academy. Once a pilot is commissioned as an officer, the pilot will then be assigned to one of 11 units; these are currently:

WW2 Era - 1st AVG :
1st Pursuit Squadron "Adam and Eves"

2nd Pursuit Squadron "Panda Bears"

3rd Pursuit Squadron "Hells Angels"

11th Bombardment Group "Grey Geese" (inactive)

1st Flying Tigers Special Forces SPARTANS  "Victory or Death!"  (inactive)

Civil Air Transport "CAT" Non-Combat Commercial Airlines

Modern Era 23rd Fighter Group "Flying Tigers":
38th Combat Rescue Sqn
74th Fighter Sqn
75th Fighter Sqn
76th Fighter Sqn (inactive)

Goldent Tigers Exhibition Team

Check this blog for more information on the Flying Tigers of Second Life and join us on Sunday, 9/11/11 at 10am slt for a day of events, in Hyde Park, including a fantastic air show by the Flying Tigers!  

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