Through the ages with Croft Atolia
The Musical TimeLord

(This story is for entertainment purposes only. It should not be taken as true life.)

Croft J Atolia, The Musical TimeLord, travels on a cloud and visits various points in time throughout the 20th Century, seeking unique experiences and gaining knowledge of  history and music.

He first showed up in a cameo role in 1934 with the world's first ever comedy double act, the legendary Laurel & Hardy

Stan Laurel has ever since, bore a great, lasting, influence on Crofty and introduced him to the world of comedy.

Then, in 1963 he encountered the London MODS scene, with his Vespa decorated in the colours of his beloved Union flag.

Later in that decade, in August 1969, Croft, together with Michael Lang, helped to organise the world's biggest ever rock concert, Woodstock.

Designing the stage and helped to  bring major acts such as The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker  and Jimi Hendrix to the once in a lifetime concert.

In 1971 he was influential in the rise of Glam Rock,  introducing a new style of music and fashion to the likes of Marc Bolan, Slade, The Sweet and of course 10CC

In the late 70s/early 80s he achieved worldwide fame when he briefly changed his name to  Adam Ant and formed his backing group, The Ants. In 4 years together,  Adam & The Ants  their 3 biggest albums, Dirk Wears White Sox (1979) Kings of the Wild Frontier (1980) and Prince Charming (1982)

He then took   a rest and spent 8 years in relative obscurity before meeting up with founder of factory Records, Tony Wilson. Together they built the Hacienda club in Manchester and helped create the Madchester scene and the 2nd summer of love.
 After this scene died out he was instrumental in the rise of another manchester band, Oasis, and along with groups such as Blur and Pulp, helped to build the britpop scene of the mid 90s

And eventually arrived on Second Life in April 2010 and became manager of the A-List Club & Lounge in Westminster, London. In the winter of 2010/11 The club moved to Lincoln House in Knightsbridge and became RetroGrade, becoming London's #1 for oldies.

He canstill be seen in this club to this very day and DJ's there 2 nights per week and also plays live to Hyde Park every saturday evening.

Only time will tell where his time travelling adventures will take him next.

Any suggestions, please tell Croft Atolia in Second Life or add a comment here.
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