One Hour in the Life Of London on a Wednesday Night

Wednesday night, what do you do when you are looking for entertainment in Second Life - go to London!!

I took a tour of all of London's venues last night and this is what I found around the FOUR London sims.

Huge Dragon outside Big Ben
Now this is a sight you never see in real life - a HUGE dragon outside Big Ben. I wonder where St George is because this giant awaits his presence.

Mayhem Rock in Hyde Park
The Mayhem Club is rocking London in Hyde Park. Today I counted 70 people at their event. Rock On Mayhem!

The Popular Hub in Hyde Park
As always, the HUB was alive with activity and regulars as well as new users kept dropping in to join us. The greeters were on hand as ever ready to help and assist new users and more knowledgable members of the community alike.

The Coach and Horses in Mayfair

I took a trip to the Coach and Horses to see their ever popular entertainment run by Mia and her team. Pop in and say 'Hi' for an ever friendly welcome from everyone there.

Coach & Horses in swing

 If you stay too long, you may get drawn into one of the pub events or games .. have fun!

Knightsbridge Rendezvous Club

I then took a couple of buses to Knightsbridge and visited The Rendezvous to see Crofty and Donna in action. Great to see them in full flow and their regular Oldies themed event as popular as ever with over 30 people there.

The Lazy Bull

FInally I took a trip to our US themed vanue - the Lazy Bull - and had a ride on the Bull. I managed 15 seconds which was a record - for me! It was a shame I missed the event as the place was packed a few minutes earlier, but I was still enjoying my 'Oldies' with Croft.

Do come and take a tour of the clubs and pubs in London soon. There is so much to choose from that you will never be bored here.
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