Happy Rezz Day Mia!

Yesterday was Coach & Horses Manager and London DJ Mia Deluca's rezz day party!  Mia took time out from celebrating to comment on her Rezz Day Party:

Today was Coach and Horses Pub's Manager/DJ Mia Deluca's RezDay and she had a huge party at the pub. She turned 5 today.

Many showed up for the party and many stayed for the whole 2 hours.

Even the charming Regent was there along with Debs, Rob, and Westminster. They are a few of the awesome people of the London Sims. Regent is the one in white dancing on the bar (see pics below). Was great to see so many London faces at the party. You can even see Debs in the pics, she is the one in all pink, including her hair. If you look closely, you can see the Fabulous Mr Fox (Rob) as well.

One of Mia's good friends, Alex, decided to "dress" up for the party. He can be seen in his dress dancing on the bar next to Regent and Mia's host Cath. Mia also had a few old SL friends, ones she has know for 4 years or more, show up to party with everyone.

Mia decorated the pub with balloons (in blue, her favorite color) and there was not only cake but also some giant beer and margaritias for everyone to enjoy. Plus there was some other goodies like two kinds of party hats and noisemakers.

She spun a variety of music as she usually does on Weds with a few country, some pop and alot of rock songs.

Contest board started with 1K and was increased to 1500L when it reached a 3rd page.

Everyone had a great time, including Mia herself, dancing and making noise.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate my rezday with me. Was a blast, which it usually is at Coach and Horses Pub. Check us out sometime. We have DJs daily (except Sundays) 1:30-3:30pm SLT.

Here are some pics from the event:

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