9/11: A Reflection

Today in Hyde Park, 9/11 was on many people's minds.  From the air show, which was in remembrance to 9/11, to the many 9/11 gestures being used throughout the park, and to the many clothing articles which bore American flags and 9/11 tributes.  The day weighed heavy on everyone's minds, in and out of Second Life.

9/11 affected everyone, from the victims, their families, to the military, and how we conduct business in every day lives.  Terrorism became a frequently used word, with many countries remaining to this day on heightened alert.  We are reminded of 9/11 everytime we are asked to go through a body scanner or to show even more documentation when traveling, when we look at the dramatically changed New York Sky line, when we visit that field in Pennsylvania, Flight 93 was taken down, by ordinary citizens, who wanted to prevent more death on this very horrific day. And we will never forget the stories and the images of 9/11, which showed the tragedy as it unfolded and the bravery of ordinary citizens, that helped each other out, in ways never seen before.

Today I challenge you, to pause and reflect and remember how the world stood still on 9/11, but how we also came together and displayed some of the greatest courage the world has ever seen.

Ways You Can Still Help:
With man people stilla ffected by 9/11 illnesses, help is still needed and there are many charities available, to which you can donate.  Please see the link below, from the Huffington Post, which lists 9/11 charities:

9/11 Charities

If you wish to verify any 9/11 Charity, please check out the link below from the IRS:

Nonprofit Verification
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