S.S. Galaxy Gangplank Returns to London!

For this month, the S.S. Galaxy, Second Life's largest realistic cruise ship, has kindly returned to London with a special gangplank!  You can find the gangplank in the Serpentine, on the left side of the Dell Cafe in Hyde Park. We will have special features throughout the month about the S.S. Galaxy, so check the blog for more information!  Today we will provide an overview of the S.S. Galaxy:

S.S. Galaxy Overview:

The SS Galaxy anchored in the Sagittaria Estate, spans 3 sims with more than 8 decks of fun and entertainment.  Proudly carrying on the tradition of luxury, glorious, and sophisticated floating palaces of the world, the SS Galaxy offers an array of amenities and activities onboard, and a variety of staterooms & suites to choose from.  Whither you are looking for a room to stay, or just want to party and enjoy the cruise, we welcome you.

Below are two photos of the gangplank in Hyde Park:

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