Merchant's Spotlight: K-Code

Today's merchant's spotlight is on K-Code, which is located in the London sims of Mayfair!

Business Owner: Kara Dresler

Name of your business: K-CODE

Type of business: Women Fashion • Clothes, Boots, Accessories

Description of your business: K-CODE is a brand dedicated to high quality women fashion and is active on the Second Life market since July 2010. We design and sell mostly casual, cocktail and beachwear clothes but we started the production of boots and accessories as well in order to offer complete outfits to the customers.  K-CODE collection is inspired by the city lifestyle and is designed to add color, comfort and style for any casual occassion or cocktail event. For a better fitting on the avatar, our products come in two sizes (for medium and tall avatars) and they are provided with a resize menu.

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