Disturbed Tribute Band Concert Weekend!!

Join us in London this weekend for two days of jam packed events!  This weekend we will have a FREE Disturbed Tribute Band Concert on Sunday.  Check out our full schedule of events:

Saturday, August 20, 2011:
12pm slt to 4pm slt-Retrograde Saturday Party with DJ Croft and Host Donna.  2000L Contest every two hours!!

6pm to 8pm slt - Sexy Saturday Party with DJ Jules with Host Sammy.  2000L loaded contest board.

Sunday, August 24, 2011:
10am to 1145 am slt - Special pre concert event with DJ Anakin and Host Roseanne and a 2000L loaded contest board.

1145 am to 130pm slt - FREE Disturbed Tribute Band Concert.

6pm to 8pm slt - Late night Lazy Bull event with a 2000L loaded contest board.
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