Coach & Horses Beach Party Weekend Recap!

Thanks to Coach & Horse's Manager, Mia Deluca for the great recap below:

The Coach and Horses Pub's Beach Party was a week long event outside the pub in a plot not far from the Pub.

Regulars and newcomers enjoyed a week long party outside with ice cream, campfire, tiki torches and more. Live DJs daily along with contests help make for a great party.

Thursday DJ Pyp was on the decks spinning great music as always. There was a Best in Shorts contest and everyone danced and had a great time.

Going into the weekend we had DJ Devoman both Friday and Saturday. On Fridays Devoman does a late night UK event from 3-5p slt and it is always a Come as You Are Contest. Then Devoman returns for regular Pub hours of 1:30-3:30p slt on Saturdays. This week to end the week long beach party, it was Best in Swimwear Contest.

Looks like someone even came in an old style bathing suit. And one Pub regular, Alex, seemed to be in his silks, which isnt exactly swimswear but hey, it showed off his legs (and just about everything else allowed).

Here are a few pics from Fri and Sat's events:

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