Coach & Horses at the Beach-Days 3 and 4 Recap!

Special thanks to Mia Deluca, Manager of the Coach & Horses for this recap of events:

The Coach and Horses continued their week long Beach Party outside on the Mayfair sim near the pub on Tues and Thursday. It continues thru rest of the week (thru Aug 6th).

Tuesday, Manager/DJ Mia Deluca did trivia outside on the beach. She had some summertime trivia along with nature and a few misc trivia questions. DJ Mia spun a selection of 80s and 90s tunes, which is normal for Tuesdays at Coach and Horses Pub.

The trivia fans enjoyed the trivia and many of the trivia regulars made an appearance. They even had a cute kitty cat who was able to do more than purr or meow too as she won a few questions.

Trivia night also had a raffle for a stay on the SS Galaxy. C&H Pub occassionally has a raffle, usually on a trivia night. So join the Coach and Horses Pub group (IM Manager Mia Deluca for invite) so you know when and what all events are.

On Thursday, DJ Mia took over the stream yet again and spun a variety of genres with music being mostly from this year. Some tunes were so new that some regulars hadnt even heard them yet.

There was a best in beachwear contest up and Host Cath and DJ Mia tried their hardest to get the men into shorts to show off their legs instead of just bare-chested.

Everyone had a blast. Some even curled up by the fire or roasted marshmellows.

Dont miss out on the fun at C&H. They are open daily 1:30-3:30p slt (except Fridays where it is late nite event 3-5p and they are closed on Sundays).

All are welcome and the group always has a great time dancing, mingling and making new friends.

Here are some pics from the last few days.

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