Steph Lytham: From DJ to Second Life Model!

Popular London DJ Steph Lytham, just recently stepped into the fierce world of SL modeling.  London is no stranger to modeling, having put on many Virtual London Fashion Weeks and shows.  I talked to Steph to get her views about modeling in SL and she provided the following information:

Why did Steph join Second Life?:
Steph lytham rezzed into SL on November 1st 2010 after overhearing a conversation on a train about secondlife and deciding to check it out.

What or who gave you the idea to try Second Life modeling?

First (and still) a host and DJ on the London sims, she had toyed with the idea of taking up model training on several occasions but wasn't really sure where to start or which schoool to join.  A few months later her and a friend were talking, her friend mentioned her model training course she was doing at UCWS. Steph had previously visited the campus and had information on it. On reccomendation from her friend Vicky, she started to watch shows and attended a few styling contests at CWS. She received an invite to join the Hollywood Walk of Fame contest 2011, took part in 2 styling contests and attended some free basic model training that was on offer. She had the bug!

What happened next?
Steph enrolled in the July class at UCWS and began training with vigour. In the next few days she will take her mid term exam before graduating at the end of July. With the help of another graduate from UCWS, she even built her own runway on her land so she could practice, practice, practice. A phrase often coined by the wonderful trainers at UCWS.

Styling musts:
Her main skin is Laq Susan in nougat with various make up tones which can be matched to almost any outfit she wears, yet still feeling like herself. Her shape is her own creation which she'd never part with, as she feels this gives her a unique identity and makes her who she is.
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