Steph Lytham: From DJ to Modeling Graduate!

Last week, I did a story on London DJ and host, Steph Lytham's journey from DJ to model.  I recently caught up again with Steph and she was buzzing about graduating from her Second Life modeling course!  Steph provided the following soundbites about modeling graduation and what is next for her modeling career:

Modeling Exams:

So last night I had my final exam before I graduate as an elite model at the University of Classic Glamour with Style.
Boy was I nervous!
This was my exam schedule..........

Exam 1: Wear casual outfit with less than 400 ARC- You will be on Styling stage. You do the basic formation exactly how you do in styling event. Get your outfit description.

Exam 2:  Dome Formation - Wear a formal Gown with accesories on, it must have less than 1000 ARC.
I will tell you which stage you will start, you will use the correct poses for this formation. Get ready to invite me to your huddlez.

Exam 3: Beach Formation - Wear bikini with less than 300 ARC, no barefeet.  You will do the beach formation on both sides. You will do the bio formation. Get Ready to answer the questions and alligning accesories that I will send u to fix on your body. You will be asked to use in world poses.

Exam Results:
My exam lasted just under 2 hours. It was nerve racking but i think I did enough. Around lunchtime today I got the notecard..................

Congratulations. You passed your final exam with me and I am so proud of you! Out of 14 students enrolled for July class, you are the one that stayed and never quit. You are now our new CWS Elite Model here.

Steph's Final Thoughts on the Modeling School and Training Process: 
It had been worth it! Late nights, 2 hour classes every day for the last month, styling contests and not to mention who knows how many hours of runway practice! I'd like to thank everyone at UCWS for their help and expertise to get me here.   Also to my friends and colleagues in London who have supported me, swapped shifts with me and felt like a midget standing next to me in my new model shape! All 7'11'' of it! Poor Anakin looked about 3 feet tall standing next to me on stage when we worked together in the Lazy Bull tonight!

Want to See Steph Graduate?
So today is my graduation ceremony at 4pm SL time. If anyone would like to come and cheer me on drop me an IM for the landmark.

If you missed the first part of this story about Steph's journey to a Second Life model, click here.

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