The Musical Time Lord Reappears Again....

Saturday concluded the Dr Who Exhibition in Hyde Park, with DJ Croft and Host Donna giving a great four hour Retrograde performance! 

The Dr Who Exhibition was brought to London, by Vic Mornington, one of the owners of the Dr Who Exposition in the Katrina sim.  Special thanks to Vic Mornington and the Katrina sim!  If you are wanting a bit more of Dr Who in Second Life, then check out the Katrina Sim.  This past week, we featured some of the highlights of the Katrina Dr Who Exposition.  Below is our last highlight, The Temporal Architects Gift Shop:


The Doctor Who Experience staff has a lot of talented builders, scripters and texturers running and building up the region.  The new gift shop is the latest addition to the sim which features ships, avatars, textures, and items (including the highly detailed Eye Of Harmony) from Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Sci-Fi in general...the best thing?  All the items are FREE!  At the time of writing this article more than 25 items are on offer, from Dalek Avatars, Cyberman Avatars to ships and stations.  You'll find the gift shop at the welcome hub side entrance of the main Millennium Centre mall.

Directions to The Dr Who Experience:
Alteran Stargate - /d doctor who
AGA Stargates - /d doctor who or /d tardis
Hands Of Omega Console - Listed as "Cardiff" and "Boom Town" in the database on this landmark link below to save it to your inventory...
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