Happy Birthday Retrograde!!

28th July 2011 RetroGrade held its first birthday party in Hyde Park at the Doctor Who exhibition, with the Musical TimeLord, DJ Crofty, and his companion Donna.... Dressed as Amy Pond
The contest fitted in with the surroundings, L$1000 Sci-Fi (eventually raised to L$1750)
Music was played throughout the history of rock and pop from the "Musical TimeLord" himself, playing 50s, 60s, 70,s 80,s and 90s and also music from the 21st century, along with a few of the guests favourite tracks which they had requested.

It was a great night on a warm summer's evening in Hyde Park in the shadow of St Stephen's Clock Tower (more commonly known as Big Ben) as old friends and new friends gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of RetroGrade... London's #1 for Oldies.
RetroGrade is a Second Life destination and is situated in Knightsbridge, just off the SouthWest corner of Hyde Park. Do feel free to pop in and join the "Crazy Gang" and have a ride on the "Choon Choon Train"... open 6 nights a week with a Live DJ and contests
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