Early Morning Visit To The Park

Alex & Cariashi
It was a bright morning so I decided to go for a stroll in the park. As with all mornings, the day was bright and I was optimistic. This day was made even brighter when I met Alex and Cariashi in the Hub. Friendly as always, it was a sheer delight to chat with them before breakfast. Thank you Alex and Cariashi, you both looked lovely today.

xXxTREME Designs
Then Lucky me - I got some gifts fromSarahh Huntress from xXxTREME which I am modeling for you now... both with my regular avatar and a new one Sarahh kindly gave me... what do you think?
Debs by the Dr Who Exhibit in Hyde Park wearing xXxTREME designs

Debs by the Dr Who Exhibit wearing xXxTREME designs
To get these designs from xXxTREME and many more, visit the xXxTREME store in LONDON Mayfair at:
Visit the xXxTREME store in LONDON Mayfair

Thank You Sarah - I am thrilled with my new outfits!
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