Dr Who Exposition-Zenobia Time Station and The Dr Who Museum

Today is day #4 of the Dr Who Exhibition in Hyde Park.  Today we are highlighting the Zenobia Time Station and The Dr Who Museum:


Hovering over 500m in the sky above the ground level, Zenobia Altera Time Station is the largest Timelord space station in Second Life.  With over 14 decks dedicated to roleplay its the Whovian SL Community's best example of a semi canon space station during the original classic era of Doctor Who.


On the ground next to the cinema you'll find The Doctor Who Museum.  A great place to bring friends who have never heard of Doctor Who before so they can catch up on the basics of the show from its early days in the 1960's all the way up to the current series.  Show them the varying consoles of the TARDIS or even the different styles of Police Box exterior via the interactive museum exhibits!

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