Virtual London Fashion Week Summer 2011- Day 4

With all the issues of the recent days gone, the fourth day of the fashion week was a huge success. 5 hours of pure joy, from 4 of SL's greatest designers.
First out was DD Style with their casual and formal summerwear out of the ordinary.

Tightly followed by the ever amazing designs of Kara Dreslers K-Code. After the success of the Spring edition of VLFW, Kara was invited once again for the Summer edition. Who knows, Federicas Elegancia may be responsible for another one of K-Codes fashion shows in the future?

We were asked to leave briefly, as the stage was about to be remodeled. 5 minutes later, we were invited back in to the breathtaking set for [sYs], the futuristic cyber-sisters had done it again, and the whole audience had their eyes glued to these amazing outfits.

Again, it was time for the stage to change, and we were all prepared to come back to the regular catwalk. In stead, we got a dive under the sea and was once again literally breathless.
It was time for Finesmiths jewelry to be displayed... on merfolk. Yes, the whole show was made with the underwater theme, and the acessories made by Yula Finesmith was perfectly fitted on every single model, not a fin out of place, not a ring on the wrong finger.

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