Jousting in Hyde Park

There has to be one or two things that you can do in virtual London that really are NOT possible in the real world.
I'd argue that jousting is one of them. This week the fair maidens and the shining knights came to London to show off their prowess and brilliance. The horses are ready and awaiting the knights to do battle. It was fun yesterday and I wonder what today will bring?
Debs on her trusty steed 'Amber'
Debs had a go at jousting, but I have to say wasn't very good at it. Princess Jessii was inspecting the horses as they entered the arena and the knights did battle for her honour.

Looks like 'Robot' gets everywhere. He was found seated on the throne in the throne room inside the high tower.

The Throne Room
 It was a great event and with over 100 people on the sim, broke all records possible in Second Life.

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