Special Thanks!

Special thanks to everyone on my team:  Team London, 5th Avenue, Club Capital, and Mayhem staff for being a huge part of my rezz day celebrations yesterday!  I am very flattered at the turnout and the best wishes from all of you as I embark on the next year of my Second Life!  I first came into Second Life as part of my PhD research 2 years ago, while the research is over and my dissertation is almost finished, I am still here.  Am I leaving anytime soon:  no, because its the people who keep me here.

I would like to thank many of you who give me an unique Second Life experience: Thanks to all of my club VIP's for supporting the clubs each and every day, without you, there really isnt a club, thanks to all of my club DJ's for the sim bouncing tunes you play each and every day.  Thanks to my hosts for making people club VIP's.  Thanks to Team London for giving me a chance to be your Entertainment Leader and for being patient as we transitioned into a much stronger and livelier team.  Thanks to Debs and Rob for trusting me to help manage London and for giving me the backing I need to create some of the most unique events in all of Second Life. Thanks to Jason and Emsi, two of the most generous people in all of Second Life. Thanks to all of my friends who crash, laugh, dance, and rant with me each and every day.  When it gets tough, I would of never stayed in Second Life without all of you.

Lastly thanks to Crysis, Anakin, and Apple for the most beautiful gift of all last night, it was very touching to see what you three worked so hard to create and to take time to do that.  The three of you are friends in both my Second Life and my real life and your generosity and kindness crosses both lives and worlds each and every day.

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