Rezz Day Party and Aerosmith Tribute Band Weekend Recap!

What can I say about yesterday??  I had one of the best days in Second Life ever with an 8 hour Rezz Day party, then a special 2 hour Rezz Day party given to me by some of the very best people in Second Life!  Lets recap before I continue on how special it was!

The 8 hour party kicked off in Hyde Park, with DJ Sweetdizzy with Host Steph, keeping the crowd rousing with some mega dance tunes!  DJ Sweetdizzy aka Dizzy wanted a bit of DJ Anakin’s record 86 avis in Hyde Park and tied this record!  After Dizzy guests were treated to a special 2 hour Aerosmith Tribute Band Concert and with me rolling on stage dancing with the band!

After this awesome light show performance, DJ Anakin with Host Steph hit the stage and wouldn’t you know, he broke the record again, this time having a record 90 avis in Hyde Park (good thing we have private sims and are not on the mainland, for the most we could pack on our sims would be 40, which really isn’t a London party with just 40 avis)!  To close out the park, DJ Kyle with Host Kristin took the stage and gave a 2 hour dance music mix party with everyone still dancing well past 6pm slt!  It will be a rezz day I will never ever forget, more from me in a separate post as I reflect on two years in Second Life.  Below are photos from the event:

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.
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