Recording Breaking Weekend in London!!

Host Sammy
This weekend in London saw some record breaking activity! Starting on Friday, DJ Appletinny and Host Sammy crashed Knightsbridge, while working at 5th Avenue. 
DJ Appletinny
This lead to the event finishing out at Mayhem! 
On Saturday,

DJ Croft
DJ Croft kicked off the Cradle of Filth Tribute Concert Weekend by packing Hyde Park and crashing the sim, for London’s second straight day of sim crashes! 

DJ Sweetdizzy
Later that day, DJ Sweetdizzy hit a record attendance high of 81 people.

Sunday came around and wouldn’t you know, we had another record breaking day!  

DJ Anakin

This time with DJ Aakin shattering DJ Sweetdizzy’s record with 86 people in Hyde Park and another sim crash, for three straight day of sim crashes!

While some sims may see sim crashes and lag as nuisance its an awesome feat to have over 80 people in our sims, listening to music by our awesome djs and getting greeted by our awesome hosts! 
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