Jessii Warrhol's Rezday Party

April 10th 2011 is a landmark day. Jessii's party beat all records and was the most fun we have had yet. 90 at the party! I am not sure that Second Life can accomodate more than that. We have had sim crashes with far fewer than that - and remember the technical limit for a sim is 100 people!

Luckily we managed to capture some of it on video (above and below) and Janey Bracken wrote a lovely blog article about it here too:
Janey's Blog

SweetDizzy Dumpling was the early DJ and even then she had 86 people dancing to the music. She equalled Anakin's previous record.

After that we listened to the Aerosmith Tribute Band and watched Jessii dance on the stage with them. She looked as if she was having a great time up there.

Next was Anakin - not one to be beaten he exceeded 90 people without the sim crashing!!

Happy Rezday Jessii. Thank you for a lovely time and well done London!
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