Cradle of Filth Tribute Concert Weekend Schedule!

Join London for two days of concert fun, as we bring you a free Cradle of Filth Tribute concert band to Hyde Park and two days of music events and contests!!

**Each set below will feature a contest board loaded with lindens so you can win!**

8am to 10am slt-DJ Croft with Host Donna
10am to 12pm slt-DJ Eva with Host Wendy
12pm to 2pm slt-DJ Sweetdizzy with Host Hazel

10am to 1130am slt-DJ Sweetdizzy with Host Steph
1130am to 13pm slt-Free Cradle of Filth Tribute Concert
Immediately after the concert-330pm slt-DJ Anakin with Host Hazel Are Event
330pm slt to 530pm slt-DJ Kyle with Host Kristin
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