Raising Awareness

The London Sims has always been a place that strives to help others since its first appeared on the grid.  From the days of the Hyde Park Gateway to its friendly staff helping to point people to freebies or explaining viewer information to new residents.  With this helpful manner in mind, London has decided to help residents in and out of SL even more.

We have designated April as Awareness Month and will hold a variety of fundraisers for the following charities and causes:  Second Pride (Gay & LBGT), Japanese Disaster Relief, Relay for Life (Cancer Research and Awareness), and in May we will hold a fundraisers for War Child (Child affected by war). 

To find out information about these charities and about our fundraisers, we have created a special blog, where you can find information about the charities and our fundraiser efforts and events.  You can find the blog at this link:

Please contact jessii2009 Warrhol in world if you would like to volunteer or help with any of these fundraising events. 
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