Capitalism or Making Money is Not a Bad Thing in SL!

While some may bash or think its wrong to even consider making a profit in Secondlife, in fact some think its downright criminal, lets consider how capitalism and community go hand in hand in Secondlife.

First we all love sims, in fact every place we go to in Secondlife is a sim. Now the sim may be land that is owned by Linden Labs, it could be a mainland parcel which is owned by someone else in Secondlife, or the land may be a private estate sim, homestead, or parcel. You may also be in the sky or ocean of a sim. And on your favorite locations in Secondlife, there may be a club, pub, bar, shop, mall, or home where you gather with friends. Or the space may be an open grassy area or a moonbase.

Now your favorite landmarks are where you will hang with your friends, loved ones, coworkers, or supervisors in Secondlife. Now the big question is, who is providing this space? Who is paying for this space? Who makes it possible so you can have your community or hangout? The answer to these questions is someone is! And what makes this possible in Secondlife? Capitalism and being money oriented!

Someone has to pay tier on any land, whether it’s a single person paying it for that parcel you love to dance on or a pool of people paying for a private sim. Even if the mainland is owned by Linden Labs, they are paying server space to house abandoned land or info hubs. Private sims are $295 usd per month, while a private mainland sim is $195 per month. The model in Secondlife is normally sim owners build shops or homes and try to recoup some of the costs this way. Sometimes land owners simply rent out the land without any buildings on it.

So what does this all mean? How does this all tie into Secondlife communities? I can tell you how. Simply put without people spending or making money to fund sims or any type of land parcels, they either put in their own money or try to recoup some of the costs via land or shop rentals. Without some money source to pay for property, Secondlife would be void of sims, spaces, or those favorite community hangouts we all have come to love.

So making money or capitalism in Secondlife is not a bad thing, neither is working hard to keep a sim profitable or to simply break even. While some may say that Secondlife is not about money and I will admit it is not entirely, money is needed to fund the very places we all landmark each and everyday.
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