Pink Piano in Hyde Park by Croft Atolia, affectionately known as 'Crofty'

Hyde Park. London. Mid January. 6am. It can get very cold. So, Croft Atolia decided he would liven up Hyde Park.

Out came the pink piano and he sat down and started to play some kind of weird jazz-rag tune.
Crofty at his Pink Piano

Within what seemed to be no time at all, a small crowd had had gathered and the cue was there for as Crofty said, "A good old fashioned cockney knee's up".  The dancing had started. Out came the dance orbs and glow sticks  and before we knew it, a mini party was going on right in the middle of Hyde Park.

People who happened to tp in at the time also joined in with the fun and joined in the dancing and the multi coloured orbs etc,.

This went on  for a good couple of hours with various people coming and going and joining in the dancing and banter and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.

The effect that Crofty with his Pink Piano has on people in the park

 It all goes to prove that even when there only seems to be one or two people there and nothing is happening, it is possible to find it within oneself to conjour up a party out of thin air.

It was cold, it was early, it was mid winter, but Hyde Park was truly rocking that morning.

This article was written by Croft Atolia

Thank you Crofty - great article!
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