New Year Message from Debs

Happy New Year from Debs
On behalf of myself and Virtually Linked Limited, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and to let you know that this is the start of a very exciting new year for us.

Having formed a well loved community in Virtual London inside Second Life, we are adding to it to make it more exciting.

Regular events are coming to you such as quarterly fashion shows, some events will coincide with real events and link with the real world too.

Hyde Park
Hyde Park has remained a central location for people to hang out and get to know one another. It has become known as a place for newcomers to make friends and for everyone to enjoy a safe environment.

Park Life
Thanks to Evie Falconer and her team, Hyde Park and the 'Hub' as it is affectionately known are considered by all to be a great location and a valuable part of the London experience.

Our pubs and clubs are getting better and stronger. The A-List will be playing some great sounds under the guidance of Croft. The Greyhound is brought to you by Isobel and she will have her program of unusual pub events - watch this space. Capital has its usual mix of trance and wicked music.
More events, bigger and better!

Rendezvous Jazz is just getting better and the Ballroom offers traditional romantic dancing. Watch ou7t for SL’s own version of ‘Strictly’. Mayhem is being revamped so watch this space again for more news. Plus - a new club with exactly what London has been missing so far. Find out more...!

Games, hunts, quests and more are being rolled out in London too, many with links to the real world.


Debs appearing in 'GridWrap'
London and Virtually Linked will be working with other media producers and getting involved with TV shows and broadcasts as well as machinima.

Last year Debs appeared on several Virtual TV programs in Second Life including The Grumpies, GridWrap and the Dating Show. We will be encouraging our team to take part in more this year.

Look out for the new video 'Robot' that we have produced exclusively with a record label for 'The Real Mr  Smith' - a London based artist who is growing in popularity.

For merchants, we have a closer program of working with you to promote your services through our entertainment venues and groups. Our new merchant liaison team will soon be contacting you about this.

Merchants discussing program
We have additional resources in progress that will make selling in London even easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Our merchant team is raring to go in 2011 with new ideas and lots of ways to position your brand in the limelight.

London is still very much 'for the people'. Wherever you live in the world, let us give you a glimpse of what it is like to live in London. What the people are like and what there is to do there. By becoming a resident in virtual London you are also becoming a real 'Londoner'.

London homes
People stay in their 'homes' for years as they are part of the community. As such we are going to start a 'residents committee' this year, where residents can make suggestions and form the future of London in Second Life.

Virtually Linked with the real London
Students Demonstrate and Speakers Corner
In the physical world, of London. We will be working with established and innovative organisations and individuals to increase the mix of real and virtual that we have brought to you so far.

This means more research, reporting on real events and encouraging people to engage. We will have closer collaboration with existing partners as well as new ones joining us.
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