The Longest Set Record - and The Weekend in London!

London Club and Pub life was busy again this weekend.

Crofty Does It Again
For all those who love to party on London, we are now setting records!!

On Saturday Crofty beat the record for the longest playing set in London. After 4 and a half hours he held a 'Come As U Are' contest - I didn't see anyone who had just come out of the shower .. but..!!

A-List in London - Location: Knightsbridge (24, 189, 22)
In the end the A-List achieved 9 1/2 hours of continuous music and partying at the Lincoln Building in Knightsbridge.

Well done Crofty and team at the A-List!

The London Pub Crawl
The Pub crawl on Saturday was a success. With as many as 16 being on it at one  time. The 'Grab a Nigel' quest meant we got people who had never been to London before. Sam worked hard to bring this to us.

Those on the crawl went to parts of london they hadn't seen before too. So a few surprises were on the list.

Thank you to all the venue hosts who made it enjoyable and thanks to Beany and Evie for making this such a great tour.

(see article by Beany for more on this)


Not to be left out, The Rendezvous was kicking with sounds by Songbyrd Chantelle. Our pubs, the Green Man in Knightsbridge, Coach & Horses in Mayfair and The Greyhound in Kensington were all serving. So I hope no one got too drunk!

Great Weekend, thank you all.

Who needs to go 'out into the cold' to have a great night?
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