London Rings in 2011 With a Bang

There was plenty of partying happening as we bid adieu to 2010 and welcomed 2011. The partying kicked off with DJ Eva and the gang at Club Capital. Eva drew in so many revelers that the Mayfair sim CRASHED for 15 minutes. The partying continued with DJ Crysis and saw a Mayfair record 61 avs in attendance!!!

DJ Simon and Nahi welcomed the New Year with some good tunes and great fun at the Greyhound pub in Kensington, and a best in 80s contest. The A-List was rockin' with Donna and Leila. And DJ Plas rang in the New Year at The Green Man.

Partying continued late into the night (or early morning for our UK friends) as the New Year was welcomed with partying at Rendezvous in Kensington. DJ's Eva and Macbain hosted a 4 hour party to ring in the New Year across the US time zones with more than 20 in attendance.

Everyone had a great time but the top partier award goes to Rob Fenwitch who did his own pub crawl, managing to party in Capital, A-List, Green Man, Greyhound and Rendezvous. What a way to welcome the New Year . . . and I hope you have gotten some sleep Rob!
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