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What is it that makes London so special?
I want to hear from you!

By Second Life standards, I am pretty old now....had my 2nd rez day party just a few weeks ago, and although that is not something I particularly want to brag about - being age phobic and all - I am able to say that I have been around a while and have explored quite a bit. In saying that, I have to say that London is the one Sim that I have really felt at home.

For me, what makes London so special is its people. The regulars that I see daily, and the new ones that I meet. 98% of my closest friends now, are all those that I have met in London.

Also, its the diversity of what it has to offer. There are clubs - not just one! - that offer you the chance to win Lindens and to mingle and dance with your friends. Sometimes, its all for a good laugh, and sometimes, its for a good cause. But let's give a thought for those that work tirelessly behind the scenes, dreaming up ideas of competitions, giving up of their time to decorate and to host. Without them, our evenings would be a lot less fun.

London has more than this to offer though. If you want to do something valuable with your time, or want to be part of the bigger picture, there are so many opportunities to get involved. From greeting to sales, events and PR, Hosting and running of clubs, these are all there for those that love London and want to be part of it.

Most importantly though, its the people. Because without you, there would be no Second Life London.

What I would like is to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell me what it is that you love about London. Tell your friends about this blog, and lets see more people following it. Let me hear of your suggestions, what you feel would make things even better. As an incentive, I'm going to offer random new followers a little Linden loving...with love from London, to you!

Lets get the word out there and tell everyone what makes VL London great

Sam x
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