New Club in London

Club Capital opens in Mayfair

The new and exciting opening for Club Capital was staged recently with a massive turnout and the promise of being one of London's most exciting places to be.

Hosted by Jessii Warrhol and DJ'ed by DJ Anakin, the
atmosphere was electric as patrons took in the new and trendy surroundings.

DoctorEva Adored and DJ Sweetdizzy are but a few of the featured DJ's you can be assured to see, and the prize money for winners of best dressed etc competions always been really high, you are bound to walk away with a few more lindens in your pocket and a smile on your face.

Offering gifts for all who visited and promising you all the music you love from all the DJ's you love, Club Capital is set to be 'the place to be seen' within London.

For your limo to go straight here: Club Capital
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