Be Safe - Stay Safe - In London

Welcome to London!

London has so much to offer clubs, pubs events and just as importantly, good old friendly people.

London is a responsible community where the London staff takes their responsibilities seriously for those that visit our virtual world.
Part of that responsibility is the stay safe campaign. Unfortunately even in the virtual world people can be subjected to cyber stalking and bullying.

In London we have a team of people that offer support to those who experience such a thing. It is essential that all those who visit us have a fabulous time as possible without having to fear others spoiling it. If you have been subjected to cyber bullying or stalking please visit London Hyde Park and click on the stay safe poster in the hub. This will give you handy hints to stay virtual savvy. Contact names are also available to offer you support.

If you want more information on this, please contact Bean Cisse inworld.

Have fun, chat and have a ball, make friends and be safe !

Your ride to Be Safe, Stay Safe is here
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