Contact: Samanda Renfold

Second Life Location: VL London - Hyde Park


19 November 2010

Linden Lab has reached out to a select number of landowners with a unique opportunity to help test a new way to access Second Life. This test aims to introduce a fast and easy way to access Second Life via a web browser so that, for the first time, website visitors will be able to experience the creativity and communities of Second Life without having to download the full Second Life Viewer.
For this new experience, VL London was identified as a "first entry" landing point for web-based Second Life visitors in this test.

The planned period will likely run for up to two weeks, during which time a select number of website visitors will have access to Second Life via their browsers.

Most of these visitors will be new to Second Life and they will not have full access to all features. For example, they will be able to walk, listen and text chat with other Residents, but they will be unable to use voice chat and will not have inventory or be able to participate in the economy. In addition, website visitors will be limited in their inworld time to a maximum of 60 minutes and they will only have access to some inworld locations.

Participating avatars will arrive with a Guest tag and some have already appeared in Hyde.

We are all very excited about this test and are very proud that Virtually Linked London has been asked to participate. We aim to make all our guests very welcome and hope they have a very enjoyable experience and return to London when they decide to come back to Second Life.

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