Halloween weekend

Halloween weekend in VL London
Well, I for one had loads of fun Halloween weekend!

London took on a whole new look with gravestones and different coloured mist all over the place. (thank you to Thom Macbain!)
A haunted house towards Mayfair and loads of scary skulls, coffins and mist hidden away under trees and behind hedges. There was carts been driver around and the park was filled with avatars all dressed up and looking freakish (Marty and Javan comes to mind....and the weekend ended with an awesome party in the graveyard next to St Mary Abott Church in Kensington.

I wondered around taking some pictures and wanted to share them with you. If anyone took some and wants to share a halloween story, please let me know.

One of the crazy things to catch my eye was the skeleton wondering the hub who seemed to be writing up tickets. I didnt catch her (wink wink) name but did manage to snap off this picture. It seemed though that the skeleton was more interested in writing up ....what appeared to be tickets for the unsuspecting than having a chat with me.

Halloween weekend ended with an awesome party held at the newly erected graveyard outside of St Mary Abotts Church where DJ's Songbyrd, Thom and DoctorEva played awesome music and where i dance until the early hours.

London you did an awesome job and I had the best time. I look forward to seeing what you are going to do for Christmas :)

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