VLFW - Masquerade Ball

After much anticipation, planning and hard work, Virtual London Fashion Week kicked off Sunday October 10th with a Masked Ball. I arrived to find the final touches been made, the street having been turned into a beautiful dance floor with a shiny limo parked outside the entrance to the fashion displays and the scene transformed into something out of a fantasy world with trees that sparkled with blue, white and pink lights. DJ Thom Macbain had got the music started and the patrons started arriving one by one, each dressed more fabulously than the last in flowing gowns, beautiful suits and most, their faces covered with feathers and gorgeous masks. The atmosphere was electric and one could feel the excitement of not only the dance but of all that was being promised throughout the coming week’s events as VLFW officially kicked off.

During the course of the Ball, Shaza Denver and Kat Svenska handed out amazing prizes as they asked various trivia questions to all those present and I was amazed at the value of the gifts been handed out, including some designs by the featured designers to the value of 1000L$. I did try to win one when I realised I could play along (I had been hosting) but someone beat me to it…or I may have got the answer wrong. I’m sure it was the former!

The DJ played popular music and the tips were flying around and I, as host, found myself incredibly busy welcoming people as they came streaming into Kensington non-stop, asking about the competition and the weeks events details.

Rendezvous club hosted the ‘Best in Costume’ competition, which they drew more than once and there were some who, not only winning awesome trivia prizes, also walked away with a little extra cash.

At the end of my shift, Fibi Felisimo took over as host and unfortunately I had to leave due to another commitment, but even then, there was still patrons arriving and the Masked Ball was still in full swing.

VLFW will continue until October 16th with many Designers having their creations on display. Please pop over if you haven’t already and take a look at what is on show.

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