A List - The re-launch Party

On Saturday 23rd October 2010 , Croft Atolia from The A-List Club officially opened the newly refurbished club and showed off their new red & black theming inside along with a new upstairs gallery and new logo with a massive re-launch party! Doors opened at 1pm SL/9pm UK to relaunch as London's premier oldies venue.

The contest was "One Year In One Night". Guests were invited to wear outfits from their favourite party from any time in the year. Some wore Christmas. Some wore Halloween and also one or two Easter outfits.

The Prize was L$250, split between first, second, and third place. This was won by Mookychick Gloom who took the 1st place. 2nd place was won by Chihiro Ruby while sara0long Baxton claimed the 3rd spot.

Dj Adrienne (Adrienne Belvedere) was there playing all kinds of music from 60's right up until the end of the 90's, and donna Redrose & Leila Roi were there to host the evening.

The new style theming and colours and logo was very well recieved and the music went down well with all who were present, some even making requests to the dj for a particular track they liked.

The A-List has a loyal fanbase, and welcomes new patrons to the club, be they one off or if they enjoy their experience and return for more again. It has a friendly easy going atmosphere and everyone always enjoys a good banter as a big group.

There are no strangers here, only friends which you never knew you had.

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