A-List club is being rebranded

On Saturday 23rd October the A-List club in Westminser will be relaunching and opening its doors at 1pm SL/9pm UK time as London's premier oldies music venue, specialising in music from 10years ago and beyond. Anything from 50's & 60's up to 1999.

Your nightly hostesses are donna Redrose & Leila Roi with Adrienne Belvedere as the regular DJ and prettybones Flux playing her sets on a Sunday. You will also be treated to occasional playlists by Croft J. Atolia who specialises in 60's music but will be playing some amazing tunes right through the decades.

The A-List's aim for the future is to build its reputation along with its existing clientele and to become London's Premier oldies music venue.

Their reputation as a fun loving, easy going, friendly nightclub with its nightly themed contests and friendly banter.

There will be contests held and the contest board will displays photo's of the contest entrants, the winner of the contest, and the previous 10 winners.

With beautiful decor and a touch that makes it unique in London the A-List holds a proud British identity which runs right through the club, while welcoming guests from all over the globe.

Do come by on Saturday night for the brand new launching of the new A-List!
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