FOTE10 in London

On October 1, 2010, virtual London played host to the FOTE 10 conference, mirroring the conference taking place in real life London. The event came complete with a recreation of Senate House, where the conference was held, and a live stream of the event. The virtual London conference provided an additional option for attending the conference for those facing travel and other constraints. Those who attended in virtual London were provided with the full conference experience within Second Life, including the ability to interact with the live conference.

Those of us who have been around Second Life and virtual London for any length of time know that this is so much more than a “game.” Although we enter Second Life as virtual representations, Second Life provides unparalleled opportunities to interact with real people from around the world; people we might never have the opportunity to meet or interact with in the real world. Partnerships between Virtually Linked and real world events and business (like the FOTE 10 Conference and Workzmarter) provide opportunity to use technology to bring the world just a little closer together.

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