Wiccy’s birthday!

Wiccy Shackleton has been a dedicated member of the London team for over a
year now. He ran the Coach and Horses with great success – remember the potty
races and the bathtub races? I took part on one - racing round the streets of Mayfair.
Wiccy was always there to see us off and to welcome us back. From those days,
he has gone on to become Torric’s deputy, helping Torric in running both Mayfair
and Westminster. Wiccy is a valuable member of the team.

Say ‘Hi’ to him if you see him in London!

This week London’s team held a surprise birthday party for Wiccy’s at the A-List in
Westminster. Thanks to Croft Atolia it was a great occasion. Loads of balloons, cake,
an open bar and lovely dancers.

Many of Wiccy’s friends came and the music was great too. What a great Dj! A real
selection of new hits and oldies and we all enjoyed it. We all danced the conga – for
hours on end to both modern hits and oldies.

Wiccy was given a big cake and lots of surprises. I gave him a cake too – but he
decided to wear it instead – No Wiccy that isn’t what you do with a cake – or maybe
foxes do? Does anyone know?

Torric was caught in the act of being on duty – checking texts from his tenants
while in the Conga Line! Now that is dedication! Perhaps he was secretly texting
someone – let us know what you think he was texting – and to who?

The party went on for hours and we were all laughing for ages - there was loads of
cake there for everyone. I think some got drunk too – but I’m not naming names –
you know who you are!

Happy Birthday Wiccy and thank you Croft
for making it such a memorable night!

/Debs Regent
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