Westminster Fun Weekend

Well it's the height of summer and the last UK Bank Holiday of the year, so we all knew the weather was going to be pants, but hey! we didn't care one bit because over on the Westminster sim we were having the best time, making the most of a couple of days away from RL work at the first Westminster Fun Weekend.
There were some puzzled looks late on friday as the road network around Westminster began to be closed off to make way for the weekend's street racing and the area around the square was cleared to make way for the live music stage and the fairground rides.

By saturday afternoon things were all in place and DJ Plastique Munro kicked things off with two hours of disc spinning and dancing in The Green Man, While outside the Street Car Racing began.

On the stage in the square, the first of the weekend's live music events started with The legendary Thumper Boucher playing his first Westminster gig to a packed audience of music lovers from throughout Second Life. If you have never seen a Thumper gig before now, you really should check him out, sultry funk and soul and a badass bass player too!

Over at The A List, Crofty, Donna, Sara and the gang were keeping the young 'uns entertained with dance tunes and contests late into the night and some great giveaways, courtesy of our fun weekend store sponsors, while in the square, DJs Petr Davids and Minxy kept the party going late into sunday morning while I did my best to crash the sim with a late night fireworks display!

Cue a bleary eyed Phill on Sunday morning and after several mugs of coffee, it was time for more mayhem with a morning street race around Westminster and DJ Jacomo Beltran starting the day's music and making his Westminster debut over at The Green Man, getting the ladies swooning with his sultry German tones!

Later in the square, there was more live music from The Rails, a Canadian band from Toronto and favourites of a lot of The Green Man regulars. It was my first time at a Rails gig and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the show, they kept the crowd entertained with great songs and banter and I know they will definitely be back at Westminster real soon.

DJ CiaraNiamh McDonnell continued the after gig party till early monday morning while the regulars danced the night away in the square.
It was so good meeting so many new faces as well as welcoming old SL friends who I hadnt seen for the longest time. The whole weekend was a blast and we already have plans for a lot more live music and special events in Westminster.
I must say a special thanks to Fibi Felisimo and kai Sachertorte for their help in organising the weekend's events, Croft Atolia and the gang over at The A List Club, all the hosts and DJs over at The Green Man for their hard work and dedication to Westminster and to Westminster store owner's Mojo Cisse from Mojo's, Charles2 McCaw from New York Couture and Zoex Flanagan from Miu for their kind donations of prizes and voucher giveaways for the weekend's competitions.

All the best from Westminster
Philly No Shoes!
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