Texturing in Second Life

Recently Linden Labs have made changes to the way that textures load in your viewer.

For most people the only difference you will see is that Textures load quicker in most places.
For the technically minded Textures were loaded by the internet protocol UDP by the simulator itself, but ongoing the intention is that this will be loaded by HTTP easing the load on the sim, there are also planning to roll out software that will make sim crossings less laggy and smoother. This is due to be in beta soon so a roll out cant be far away .

Some beta versions of Emerald don't support the http textures properly and as I type ;Emerald is ok, viewer 2 and its betas and snowglobe should work ok, but in some sims http hasn't been implemented.

UDP still has no plans to be phased out as far as i can see so if you are a legacy, viewer user, you should see a bit of improvement as more and more users take advantage on the http delivery and less use the UDP. Hope this is helpful.

In some places its been seems that the loading of external web pages in the internal browser makes objects and textures disappear and reappear when the browser is closed , Im guessing here that the HTTP bandwidth get used up by the browser and returned to the viewer we your browsing on the net stops.
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