Mayfair's Bank Holiday Blowout!

Mayfair's Bank Holiday Blowout was a smashing success as reseidents were treated to a mutlitude of parties and events. The festivities began with a fun fair, so residents chose to take it easy on the Carosel while others tempted fate (and their stomachs) on the Vortex. The Grand Ferris Wheel offered spectacular views of Mayfair and Hyde Park while the Blow-Out made more than a few residents dizzy.

After a day of rides and free beer Residents were given the royal treatment by attending the Queen Concert at Marble Arch. Freddie Mercury (Tayla Tigerfish) and the band (Snak3y Tryce and Wiccy Shackelton) gave a rousing live performance as partiers danced the night away. Regent Parx put down his pork pie and fag just long anough to provide some back up music. An amazing fireworks display followed the concert, people craned their necks skyward to see fantastic bursts of colours light up the night sky over Mayfair.

As they say, there is no rest for the wicked and Sunday was no exception. A Cash For Questions contest was held durring the day followed by a second concert event. Simon & Garfunkel took the stage Sunday night and played to a well recieved audience. The stage, located near Eros Fountain and Mayhem Dance Club, could hardly contain the excitement of this amazing duo. Some of the fans were so excited they fainted or stormed the stage for an autograph. The singing duo (played by Tayla Tigerfish and Snak3y Tryce) were undaunted and continued to play til the last song. Following the concert residents had the chance to party the night awy at Mayhem while others chose to hop over to Bogies Bar where The King of Rock & Roll, Elvis himself, gave a live performance on stage.

Monday capped off the weekends events with a cash canon and sim race. For those still awake and ready to party, Bogies Bar & Lounge presented Swelter in Mayfair - The London Beach Party! Susan Littlething took the stage at the totally transformed Bogies Bar where Wendy Helstein welcomed the weekend weary visitors. With her enthusiasm and winning personality people couldnt help but be energized and partied the rest of the bank holiday away!
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