Hello from Phill at Westminster

Well it has been just over a week now since i started my new post as sim manager over on the Westminster sim.
So far, so good, I have managed not to accidentally return the sim to Deb's inventory so in my books thats a good week ;)
Some of you old timers in Second Life may remember me many moons ago from the the Three Lions Pub. It closed it's doors a couple of years back now due to real life commitments and since then i have been away from virtual world stuff apart from the odd bit of building work here and there.
A few months ago though, I discovered The London Sims by chance on a rare visit into SL with my partner, kai Sachertorte and we immediately fell in love with the place and rented a home in Mayfair.
There is something very unique about the London sims that makes it stand out amongst the many attractions in Second Life. Fantastic buildings and layout, some amazing clubs and hangouts and a great team of knowledgable greeters over in Hyde Park on hand to help newcomers on their first important steps on their journey into SL.
What makes it such a special place for me though is the strong community feel everywhere you go in London. every one of the sims here has it's own group of staff and regulars on hand and you are always guaranteed a welcome and a place to call home. So much of Second Life seems disjointed and cold these days and i feel very fortunate to have found London and made it my new home.

So, on to more recent events and I have been fortunate enough to be entrusted with the care of Westminster by Debs and Torric and the team. I am still getting to know everyone at the moment but I do know that there are some amazing talents working there already, bringing daily entertainment, fun and frivolity to the city.
Over the next few weeks, we will be organising a lot of fun events and we value you, the residents and visitors to Westminster's input on what you would like to see going on there in the future. I always say that communities are what make Second Life special and there is already a great crowd at Westminster, we have The Green Man pub and The A List as well as a growing selection of some of the finest designers in SL running stores here.

Well thats it from me for now, but if you see me around Westminster, don't be shy, come and say hello, I love meeting new people and listening to your SL stories.

All The Best
Phill Plasma
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