"Rendezvous" to Open in London Friday Night

I once walked into a swanky jazz place in real life where live musicians played saxophones and trumpets and stylish women blew smoke clouds above their heads. It was during a festival in that city and I remember thinking that it was a bit like stepping back in time. You gained a sense of the culture of the place in the beat of the music and the throb of the dance floor. Rendezvous, London's newest Club, with its wall mural, bistro tables, classy white piano, and sexy chandelier promises to be one of those kinds of places.

Club Managers Stavros Jolbey and DoctorEva Adored have announced that their grand opening will happen Friday, July 9 beginning at 5pm SLT (1am UK). DJ Stav will kick off the party for the first three hours and the evening will finish with a live performance from KalEl Ur in the style of Buble and Sinatra.

The contest board will be open all night with prizes award once an hour:
  • First hour: Best in Casual
  • Second hour: Best in Baggy
  • Third hour: Best in Rat Pack
  • Fourth hour: Best in Formal Wear

The club plans to cater to the late night crowd, so many of London's patrons are up long after the last dance is wiggled out at many of the other venues, and will be a venue where you can take your date for a quiet chat on the sofas or a swinging boogie on the spacious dance floor.

But don't forget to step out back and smell the flowers... pretty cherry blossom trees, and fragrant pink flowers surrounding a serene pond are the perfect backdrop for the kissing bench where you can end your romantic evening with a soft embrace.

So don't miss out! Click HERE to TP to Friday night's party. Be part of London's night life!
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